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28 June 2019 -


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3 July 2020
Do Black Lives Matter to Blacks?

It is paradoxical how Europe and America are erupting with unrest over the rights of Blacks, while the black continent itself remains relatively quiet. An apt Yoruba expression for the situation is gbọ̀rọ̀mí d’elérù, loosely translated as “someone being more paranoid about a problem than the person whose problem it is”. We are regaled with […]

3 July 2020
COVID- 19 Response: How palliative interventions in Nigeria compares with Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and India

Sub-Saharan Africa has not recorded an avalanche of deaths from COVID-19; nonetheless, from the perspectives of economic downturn and plummeting living standards, the region is a disaster in progress. As vulnerable populations are hit by morbid misery, the World Bank (2020) projects a precipitous rise in extreme poverty, especially in Nigeria, which is acclaimed the […]

2 July 2020
Activating an All-Inclusive Alliance for the Almajiri

Poverty, insecurity and disease are siblings. Dare say, the Almajiri are the emblem of that state of affairs. These dishevelled children with slovenly habits awash the streets of northern Nigeria, bearing filthy bowls for soliciting alms. Between Q’uranic classes, they move in droves, accompanied by flies and numerous unseen vectors of disease; chanting verses of […]

3 June 2020
Reining Back Nigeria’s Post-COVID-19 Education Indicators of Multidimensional Poverty

INTRODUCTION Subtle yet substantial, the burdens of educational poverty are often eclipsed by apparently more vivid indicators of health and lifestyle, access to which, are paradoxically contingent upon educational attainment. The COVID-19 pandemic poses a grave threat to multidimensional poverty as a whole, yet the palliatives of food and funds being offered by governments and […]

11 May 2020
UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME: A policy response to COVID-19 and panacea to poverty in Nigeria

INTRODUCTION Historically, social policy involves making decisions about whether the core principle behind social provisioning will be “universal” or “targeted”. Universal in the sense that the entire population will be recipients of social benefits as a basic right or selective in the sense that social benefits are distributed depending on some form of means-testing, which […]

27 April 2020
As the numbers climb, 39 Million Nigerians may be at risk of contracting COVID-19

The year 2020 brought with it high hopes typical of every New Year. But right on its heels, a virulent plague ensued. The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes a disease christened COVID-19, ravaged the world. Compelled by its high rate of human-to-human transmission and no cure or vaccination insight, the World […]

21 June 2019
Hello world!

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