What We Do

Influencing perceptions, decisions and actions

We work to influence perceptions, decisions and actions focused on ending poverty through various activities including:

  • Investigation and reporting on policy implementation
  • Contributing to setting the agenda as issues arise
  • Creating and promoting platforms for the public to contribute to the conversation
  • Proposing policy solutions.

We do this by:


Bridging the information gap

By identifying gaps and defining optimal pathways to close identified gaps , we facilitate investigations and champion the discovery of answers to critical questions with the aim to enable coopetitors, donors and partner organizations find answers to problems easily and to achieve more. Our work helps locate and connect intervention components.


Driving hard conversations for change

We initiate and push forward difficult conversations, uncovering new ways of solving problems and reaching the vulnerable and unreachable


Amplifying the voices for change

We challenge key players in the healthcare and education sectors to intensify and win the fight against poverty in Nigeria.


Whitepapers, News and Stories

Join us to end poverty
in Nigeria & Africa by 2030