What We Do

Enabling actions for progress

We support relevant stakeholders to accept their role and proactively take necessary action to conceive, develop & drive intervention projects in identified action areas. We do this by creating the enabling environment for them to incubate and birth these projects. Key areas where we contribute include:

  • Streamlining necessary frameworks
  • Providing project development support
  • Driving partnership and collaboration around projects and reducing/eliminating access barriers to required tools & resources.

We do this by:


Facilitating the Discovery of innovative intervention ideas:

Searching through the length and breadth of the country and internationally for innovative solutions to identified challenges.


Supporting platforms for project actualization

We catalyse the creation and promotion of platforms for relevant stakeholders to take necessary action in the fight against poverty


Enabling collaborative actions

We are always finding ways to work with others, fuelled by the understanding that together we can achieve more.


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Join us to end poverty
in Nigeria & Africa by 2030