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When a girl child is educated, her well-being is impacted positively. She can lift herself and everyone around her out of poverty

We are catalysts. We are facilitators.


Education empowers girls with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make decisions that imporve their lives and the lives of those around them.


For every extra year a girl stays in school, her income can increase by 15-25%.


If all women completed primary education, there would be 66% fewer maternal deaths.


Some countries that fail to educate girls lose out on an estimated $92 billion in economic growth.


If a girl is educated for six years or more, as an adult her prenatal care, postnatal care and childbirth survival rates will dramatically and consistently improve.


Educated mothers immunize their children 50 percent more open than mothers who are not educated.

Meanwhile in Nigeria

5.5 million

more than 5.5 million girls of school age are out-of-school in Nigeria.


The ratio of girls and boys out-of-school is 60% for the girl child and 40% for the boy child.

More than one of every three women have experienced either physical or sexual violence at some point in their life resulting in both short- and long-term consequences for their physical, mental, and sexual and reproductive health.

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